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Being Yourself
Corporate Social Responsibility


At Tata Steel, an individual is not just an employee, he or she is a member of the Tata family and a part of the bigger journey in which every opportunity is given to discover his/her true potential. There are innumerable examples of people who have been able to carry forward their interests here, always being encouraged to lead life in their own unique way.


Along with the illustrious list of people working with Tata Steel, who have pursued sports as their main interest, we are also proud of other achievers who realised their true mettle and went ahead to attain their goals. Reputed institutes like Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (TSAF), Archery Club, Tata Football Academy, School of Cricket, Cultural Clubs and various social sustainability programmes ensure that what one gains at Tata Steel is not just about material achievements but has a more profound impact on the overall development of the individual.