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Tata Steel recognises the importance of continuous enhancement of knowledge, skills and capabilities of its employees and has invested greatly in education, training (both on and off the job) and development. The Company's learning and development initiatives are geared to meet the Group's vision. The Tata Steel Group has continued to invest in and improve its managerial and technical capabilities through the internal development of its own employees across Europe, India and South East Asia. It has adopted a multi faceted approach in Training and Development of employees and this area has gained lot of momentum in recent years. A climate conducive to enhancement of knowledge, skills and capabilities of its employees is an integral part of the training process and Tata Steel's training and education programmes are designed keeping career progression and employee performance into consideration.


Training Facilities in Focus Areas


  • Safety training, based on Dupont guidelines has been of paramount importance as Safety is an important area of focus for the Company.
  • Programmes are also rolled out in-house by TMTC, XLRI and IIMs for its officers.
  • Development in managerial competencies and leadership elements, especially for the officers, is now also being addressed through on-the-job assignments, rotations, working in task forces and committees.
  • In addition the company gives study leave facility for higher education and also provides sponsorship for Masters/ Doctoral level programmes at world-class institutes.


Tata Steel’s comprehensive agenda of training and development comes across through two institutes mainly:


Shavak Nanavati Technical Institute (SNTI)


Based on the belief of Shri. Jamsetji Tata that technical training is one of the basic pillars of economic growth in a developing country, the Jamshedpur Technical Institute was established in 1921, and was later rechristened Shavak Nanavati Technical Institute (SNTI). It has an illustrious history of having developed skilled manpower for many leading enterprises in the country for decades. SNTI has kept pace with changing technologies by constantly evolving new training schemes and developing infrastructure to meet every emerging need. Over the years, it has advanced from being an institute that imparted training in the maintenance areas to being a reputed centre for operational training. It has revamped its training methods and become thoroughly learning oriented. 


SNTI also takes care of the overall development of individuals by carrying out various exploratory tasks. Along with pre-employment training programmes, the Institute also has provision for necessary post-employment training. In all cases, SNTI ensures that at the end of any training course the learners become proficient to shoulder the responsibilities required in the hierarchy of management. The Institute has stood the test of time by producing leaders who have taken the company to the pinnacles of performance and progress.


The Tata Steel Management Development Centre (TMDC)


The Tata Steel Management Development Centre (TMDC) in Jamshedpur has been positioned as an in-house training centre for Tata Steel. It endeavours to provide primarily managerial training and also functional training to all officers of Tata Steel and its Associate Companies. It also conducts customised programmes on request from other organisations.  


From a humble beginning as the 'Staff Training Institute' of Tata Steel in 1954, primarily to import a once-a-year course in 'Foremanship and Supervision', the Tata Steel Management Development Centre has indeed come a long way. TMDC has served as a modal for in-house management development for several Indian and multi-national corporations in the country while catering actively to the management learning needs of Tata Steel officers. TMDC's training programmes are designed to develop managerial competencies and leadership behaviour consistent with Tata values and practices. Training interventions are designed to facilitate learning of leading-edge knowledge and skills for building organisational capability.  


TMDC engages in the following activities:  


  • Orientation training for new recruits
  • Management Development Programmes
  • Functional training programmes
  • In-company programmes for Tata Group employees
  • Customised programmes for non-Tata group companies
  • Business Simulation Games
  • Language courses in Chinese (Mandarin) & French
  • Window-on-the-World programme
  • One year part-time (evening) certificate course in Foremanship & Supervision


In a world where both organisational and product life-cycles are getting relentlessly compressed, fifty two years in the life of an in-house management learning centre conveys both performance of the past as well as a promise for the future.